Effect colors

This is whole range of colors with special effects. In this collection we offer metallic copper, gold, silver shades and also whole range of neon shades, luminescent and thermo chromic effects.
The most popular are:
- Crocco effect – with decorative cracks, in many color combinations
- Ice flower effect – there is a frosty effect on the surface which can be done in many color shades
- 3D effect – we are able to reach a fantastic deep 3D effect. This effect is made by magnetism.
- Thermo chromic effect – this is mainly used on mugs and cups where you can change color shades with hot or cold water.
  • Burning temperature
    170°C for 15 minutes
  • Shelf life
    6 months
  • Mainly used for
    • bottles
    • glass
    • mugs
    • cups
    • vases
    • candelabras
    • glass nail files
    • carafes
    • lights
    • and much more