About us

We are a company which sells organic colors for decorating glass, porcelain, plastic and other materials. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our colors are provided by the German company Diegel, which is one of the top companies in this industry.

We have a wealth of experience with organic colors.

Why choose us

  • Speed of delivery
  • Flexibility of colours
  • Technical support
  • 100% quality of DIEGEL colours
  • Medical harmlessness

Why you should cooperate with us

  • Fast communication and fulfilling customers´ wishes
  • We mix colors as our customers require
  • We have a warehouse in the Czech Republic; next day delivery is possible
  • We provide professional consultancy
  • We stick to technological procedures required by the producer
  • We provide an individual approach to all customers
  • We only use tested products

The Colors from Diegel company, distributed by Colpos s.r.o., decorates and enhance the surface of glass, porcelain and ceramics and emphasize its shape. It can also improve the properties and function of items. We offer new possibilities for our customers in the department.

Of course we know that the needs of our customers are not always standard. That´s why our partner Diegel Company from Germany, who have more than 15 years of experience in developing new colors, is able to develop solutions that are suitable for all of our customers.